Shaking Things Up Since 2016

Sydni here, CEO & Founder of What's In The Mix LLC.


It all started back in 2016 when I was searching for cosmetic products that didn't contain harmful additives and ingredients.


I was shocked to find that almost every name brand lotion I came across was filled with elements that I had never heard of, let alone pronounce!


Was it really that hard to create a quality product that wasn't harmful to my body?


So I began blending my own products using all-natural ingredients & vitamins that were beneficial to my skin and hair.


Before I knew it What's In The Mix was born & I've never looked back!


I'm constantly perfecting my mixes and broadening my knowledge & skills to provide you with the best, and I can't wait to show you what I've got planned...


But for now, check out my signature Mo' Betta Hair & Body Butter packed with the essential vitamins, fatty acids, and organic goodness needed to keep you moisturized and on fleek from head to toe!


Down Memory Lane

What’s In The Mix® Natural Cosmetics began in 2016, with customized scents & body butters.


In March of 2018, we became What's In The Mix LLC


Six months later we reformulated our most popular blend, creating our signature 'Mo Betta Hair & Body Butter.

fruit-1218129_1920 (1).png

We're working on big plans to expand with a brand new line of skin & hair care products. 


From shampoo to premium beard butter, we've got you covered.


Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday

8am to 6pm PST